It’s All About The Results: 4 Reasons You Need Automated Shear Testing

When it comes to testing the strength of bond wires and soldering points, the results need to be precise. Even the smallest error can have devastating results. If your business relies on the strength of its bond wires, you need shear testing that's as accurate as possible. An automated shear testing system will provide you with the accuracy you need. Here are just for of the reasons you need to invest in an automated shear testing system.

Ensures Conformity with International Standards

In today's world economy, it's not enough to conform to national standards. You must also conform to international standards. That international standard conformity includes the bond wires you provide. Automated shear testing allows your company the ease and adaptability to conform to international standards, which will allow you to compete in a larger market.

Allows for Individual Test Standards

When it comes to shear testing, you need your testing equipment to allow for individual test standards. After all, not all your clients will have the same requirements. Traditional shear testing doesn't provide that ability to individualize test standards. However, with an automated shear testing system, you'll be able to make the adjustments you need to meet the specific test standards for each individual client you service.

Reduces Risk of Error

When you're conducting shear testing, you need the procedure to be precise. There is no margin for error when you're working with bond wires and solder bumps. Unfortunately, traditional shear testing is subject to human error, which can interfere with the integrity of the test results, as well as the structural integrity of the bond wires you're working with. However, automated shear testing systems reduce to risk of human error, making the test results more accurate, and reducing the risk to your clients.

Ensures Complete Results

When dealing with shear testing, you need the most complete results possible. You also need a way to transmit those test results to others quickly and concisely. Automated shear testing ensure complete results by provided data electronically, which will then allow it to be further assessed and tested as needed. Not only that, but because the data is provided electronically, it can be transmitted to others along the line that are in need of those results. This ensures a quick and efficient method of transmitting test data without the risk of error or miscommunication.

Don't take chances with important test data. When your business relies on accurate test results, you need to invest in an automated shear testing system. Contact a company, like xyztec bv, for more help.